Managing Stress

What is Stress?
Stress is your body’s normal response to danger. Muscles tighten, blood pressure goes up, the heart races, and adrenaline is pumped. Stress may be cause from a range of everyday troubles or major incidents such as loss in one’s life.

Many people smoke when feeling stressed. Even though they know that smoking hurts them and the ones they love, some smokers find it hard to give up cigarettes as a way to cope with stress. It’s important to try and come up with new ways to manage stress and to not smoke.

What are Signs of Stress?
The signs can be physical or emotional. Some of which may include headaches, fatigue, changes in eating habits, sleep disruption, mood swings, feeling out of control, feeling confused, trouble thinking clearly, or using alcohol or other drugs more.

When Stress Isn’t Managed
Stress that isn’t managed can lead to ulcers, allergies, high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes.

Managing Stress
Managing stress can help you feel calm, peaceful, and in control. Below are some ways to manage stress:
Do something you really enjoy on a regular basis.
Make time for yourself everyday. Take a nap, read, or meditate.
Try to make physical activity and exercise a regular part of your life.
Practice deep breathing.
Get enough sleep.
Limit alcohol and caffeine intake.
Eat a balanced diet and stay hydrated throughout the day.
Talk or write about your worries instead of keeping them bottled up.
Manage your time wisely. Set goals you can meet.

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